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Base Rate For Equipment Repairs, Service, and Modification

 As of Feb 1, 2024, all services are calculated at a rate of $100/hr with a minimum 1hr fee. We can usually give you a pretty good idea of the cost range your work will fall in based on a few basic pieces of information.  Some jobs will require a deposit, but will will advise you of this as early on as possible.

We do not, as a rule, do on-site service or installations.


Custom, Kit Builds, and Racking

Custom builds are quoted in full up front, deposits vary based on the type and scope of a build and are non-refundable. Any changes to the final cost will be presented to you for approval before work continues.  

We regularly rack all sorts of vintage audio modules- preamp cards, console strips, Danner modules, etc...  We can build rack mount or custom wood desktop enclosures, even 500 series racks. As with custom builds, racking services are quoted up front, and deposits are generally required.  As a general rule most racking jobs with PSU will start at $800 for a desktop build where only the modules are provided, and you can generally assume that rack mount format builds will start around $1000 for a single channel, and go up from there. 

We're in a Golden Age of options for DIY audio gear, but if you're not handy with a soldering iron, and don't want to learn, we can do kit assembly for you.  Most of the time you can have the kits shipped directly to us for building. Kit builds are flat-rated up front and no deposit is generally required if you are supplying or drop-shipping the kits to us.  On average a basic 500 series preamp such as a CAPI or Hairball will cost around $300 per unit to assemble. 



Unless otherwise specified, we offer a 1-year warranty on all items we build or service, parts and labour.  Tubes are an exception and are warrantied for 6-months new, 3-months for NOS or Used.


What the warranty specifically covers is failed parts and work related defects. A work related defect means one of the following:

  • A problem with the work we performed. i.e, we rewired your old amp and a connection becomes faulty, or part fails prematurely. In this case, we will repair the work at no cost to you.

  • An issue/defect we should have found. i.e we return your preamp and two days later you discover an unrelated switch is intermittent.   In this case we will perform the diagnosis and repairs at no charge, and you would simply be billed for parts.


It is important to note that this warranty is only valid with us as your service centre. If you are not local and problems develop down the line, you are responsible for getting the unit to us (return shipping is our responsibility). We will under almost no circumstance pay your technician to repair a unit covered under our warranty, especially without our express consent.  Depending on your location, we may be able to arrange a tech nearby that we know to perform work.

How to invalidate this warranty:

  • Break it, or otherwise abuse or misuse the unit.  This includes (but is not limited to) any future repairs and modifications not performed by us, DIY work, or falls off a truck.  Trust me, we're all lifelong musicians- we know what normal wear and tear looks like.

  • For custom builds and racking - Have another technician work on the unit without our consent.  This could be modifications or if you have another tech fix an issue with the unit without our input. We don't add a warranty seal, but believe me, we will know.

  •  Be a jerk. Yes, we do 'fire' customers.


We reserve the right to cancel any warranty for any reason we see fit

Disclaimer: We truly are dedicated to you being happy with your experience us  and with your gear and want your repeat business. 9 out of 10 times we will handle future issues with anything we sold or serviced regardless of the above info. The above info represents the "official" rules in case it ever matters.

Rates and Policies as of Feb, 2024

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