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What Can We Do For You?

Equipment Repairs, Service, and Modification

We service and repair a wide range of vintage and modern analog audio equipment.  Guitar and bass amplifiers, studio rack gear, small and medium consoles, microphones and more. Anything from routine maintenance to restoring basement finds, or putting the magic smoke back in a unit to get it running again.  If it's analog and passes audio (or did...) we can help!  We are also happy to make modifications where useful to most gear to improve tone, reliability, safety, or functionality.

 As of Jan 1, 2023, all services are calculated at a rate of $80/hr with a minimum 1hr fee. We can usually give you a pretty good idea of the cost range your work will fall in based on a few basic pieces of information.  We may need a deposit for larger jobs, or for special order or non-stock parts.


Custom Equipment Design and Build

Want a stereo 60's style tube mixer with direct outs? How about a talkback switcher with an old school arcade button? Custom mastering compressor?  Relay bypassed fx loop?  Control panel to be installed in your guitar to trigger a pedalboard controller?  We've done all that and more.

If you have an idea for something you'd like to build but it either doesn't exist or can't be easily bought, give us a shout and see if we can help.

Custom builds are quoted in full up front, deposits vary based on the type and scope of a build and are non-refundable. Any changes to the final cost will be presented to you for approval before work continues.  


Vintage Module Racking

We regularly rack all sorts of vintage audio modules- preamp cards, console strips, Danner modules, etc... from manufacturers like API, Neve, Telefunken, Neumann, BFE/Filtek, Ward Beck, Amek, McCurdy, and many others.

We can build rack mount or custom wood desktop enclosures, even 500 series racks.  All racking services include full service of the modules or cards in question, as well as either internal or external power supplies depending on the format and size.  

Don't have modules?  We can sometimes source things for you, and occasionally even have some pieces in stock.

As with custom builds, racking services are quoted up front, and deposits are generally required.  As a general rule most racking jobs will start at $500-$600 not including the modules, and on average a 2ch preamp in a 2U rack mount enclosure will be around $900, however rates can vary widely.


DIY and Kit Builds

We're in a Golden Age of options for DIY audio gear.  Mics, rack gear, 500 series modules, even whole consoles and summing mixers can be had- often with features or quality that's not found in commercially manufactured equipment.

But if you're not handy with a soldering iron, and don't want to learn, we can do kit assembly for you.  Most of the time you can have the kits shipped directly to us for building.

Kit builds are flat-rated up front and no deposit is generally required if you are supplying or drop-shipping the kits to us.  On average a basic 500 series preamp such as a CAPI or Hairball will cost around $300 per unit to assemble. We warranty our assembly work for 1 year.


Get in Touch

Contact us to ask any questions or to get the ball rolling on your project, or repair!

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