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XLR Input and Output PCB
  • XLR Input and Output PCB

    These handy PCBs mount to the rear of standard NC3FD/MD Neutrik panel mount XLRs and help cleanly impliment a couple of important components. They provide both EMI/RFI rejection entering along the audio lines, as well as directly tying the XLR Pin 1 to chassis ground right at point of entry.


    The input PCB also has filtering and current limit/split resistors for Phantom Power applications on mic inputs. (Line inputs can leave these components out)


    Using high quality ferrite beads and C0G capacitors they provide  excellent preotection against EMI and RFI working their way into your audio path where they can cause noise.  1206 Case SMD packages keep things nice and compact while still being easily hand soldered.

    Boards output on standard 2.5mm pitch pin headers which can be used with a snap connector, or simply wire straight to the board.

    These board are offered fully assembled or as raw PCB's if you have components on hand and prefer to DIY.


      PriceFrom C$3.00
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