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DB25M to CAT5/6 Adaptor

DB25M to CAT5/6 Adaptor

Following the AES X246 standard developed by Ward Beck Systems, these adaptors allow you to move 8 channels of analog, line level audio over inexpensive and common CAT5e/6 cable.  The DB25M connection can be plugged directly to patchbays or equipment that uses DB25, or can be used with DB25F fantails or snakes.  It follows the common Tascam wiring standard, and should be stable and noise free up to 300M in length.


Although not recommended for mic level signals by the specifications, many users have implemented these with mic level and reported no issues.  The shield ground connection is maintained so phantom power may be used with Shielded QTP cables and terminations.


For more information, consult the QTP Audio website:

It is recommended that good quality, certified, CAT5e/6/7 cable be used with these adaptors for best performance.  High quality cable that meets or exceeds those standards will ensure best noise performance and signal integrity over longer distances.

If you intend to use with mic level signals and phantom power you must use Shielded Twisted Pair cable and properly terminated shielded RJ45 plugs.

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