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RCA 77-D Refurb


March, 2022

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Had this beautiful old mic come in needing a bit of love. The client had bought it without being able to test first, and it was weak in output and making some odd noises on arrival.

The old ribbon was in rough shape and quite a bit of metallic material had collected in the gap (likely worsened by the degraded muslin lining the grille). The old ribbon was removed, the gap was thoroughly cleaned; and a new ribbon was cut, corrugated and installed in it's place. The 'pattern' adjustment assembly was disassembled, cleaned, and a new slot cut in the adjustment head as the old one was badly chewed up from decades of use.

Finally the old muslin and cotton wadding was removed and replaced with fresh and the mic was reassembled, cleaned, tested, and given back to a very happy customer!

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