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1951 TV Front Fender Bassman

Project type

Amplifier Service


January 2021


The amp that launched 1000 ships, the OG, the TV Front Fender Bassman.

From the first year of production, this client also had a 1951 P-Bass to pair with it- fitting since the Bassman Amp was developed specifically to release alongside the newly designed P-Bass.

Considering it's age this amp was in pretty solid condition. Tweed was showing mostly normal wear, with some water staining along the bottom of the cabinet, and an unfortunate and inexplicable paint job on the top.

Still the insides were mostly original save for a change of the filter caps done sometime in the 90's. You can even see the original masking tape used to hold the cloth wires against the copper plated chassis.

We replaced the now-aging filter caps, and the original Astron "Dry" electrolytics with some fresh ones. Also replaced were the carbon comp resistors in the power supply string with safer, more reliable, modern metal oxide flameproof types.

All tube sockets got a cleaning and re-tensioning, pots and jacks got a good cleaning as well. A beautiful piece of music history to have in the shop!

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