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Welcome to Equilibrium Audio

You might know us by our old name- Amplexus Music.


Located in Kitchener-Waterloo and serving all of Southern Ontario, we build, repair, and restore vintage and new studio gear, guitar amps, and microphones, with a focus on delivering high quality work and excellent service. We also do audio system consulting; design, and building of custom equipment for both studio and live sound, including patch panel design and fabrication; and custom touring rack and loom construction.

 As of February, 2024 all communication regarding jobs must be via email or text. This has become critical for us for 2 major reasons; first being that we end up with a high volume of calls which pull us away from repairs, but most importantly with sometimes a dozen or more active repairs (not to mention inquiries about past work) we need the paper trail to make sure the details of your job are documented and that we (and you) can search our communications for details of our discussions. We generally try to answer emails and messages same day, but in some cases it may take a couple of days to respond.  You can email us at or use the form below.

Also as of Feb, 2024 our base rates and policies have changed.  Please be sure to read over our Services and Rates page before emailing for details about our pricing and shop policies before emailing with your inquiry.

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